30 mayo, 2013

Foes of Newmont’s $5 billion Peru mine in standoff with police

CATAPA Deutsche Bank AGM protest
CATAPA’s protest at Deutsche Bank’s AGM – see report below

Hundreds of protesters were locked in a standoff with police in northern Peru on Wednesday as they vowed to stop Newmont Mining from transferring water from a lake to a reservoir as part of its $5 billion Conga gold project.

See http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/29/us-peru-mining-conga-idUSBRE94S1EI20130529.

Newmont is a US company with British investment: among investors in Newmont are UK-based Blackrock World Mining Trust and AXA Investment Managers UK.

See http://moneytometal.org/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&button=&search=newmont.

Catapa goes to Deutsche Bank’s AGM

On May 23rd, LMN member group Catapa, together with FairFin, Urgewald and Facing Finance, attended Deutsche Banks’ AGM: the annual shareholders’ meeting. Catapa came with a clear message: Deutsche Bank, Stop investing in irresponsible mining! Deutsche Bank claims – in speeches, quotes, statements, reports and messages on their website – that they do not invest in irresponsible projects. As Deutsche Bank owns 2.15% of Newmont Mining’s stocks, equal to an investment of 407 million euros, Catapa feels this message is just windowdressing. Newmont Mining owns 51% of the Yanacocha mine in Cajamarca, Peru, as well as the planned expansion of Yanacocha: the CONGA project. If the Conga project is realised, over 300,000 people will lose their access to clean water.

See http://catapa.be/en/news/1516.

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