17 enero, 2012

Firmar perticion para: Stop the Conga Mine in Peru

  • Target: Peru President Ollanta Humala, Peru Minister of Energy and Mines Pedro Sanchez Gamarra and Newmont President and Chief Executive Officer Richard O'Brien
  • Sponsored by: Concerned Citizens of the World
Currently, Latin America's largest gold mine, Yanacocha, is located in Peru and is owned by the Newmont Mining Corporation. Although the Yanacocha mine has already produced over $7 billion dollars in gold, it is not enough for Newmont and the government of Peru.
The next mine, the Conga mine, will cause great damage to both the resources and the people of Peru. This giant mine will destroy four lakes that many Peruvians depend upon for agriculture and irrigation. Furthermore, the pollution created from this mine will negatively affect this large livestock and agricultural region.
The people of Peru have been fighting this mining project as it will greatly impact and possibly destroy their lives.
Tell the President of Peru and the President of Newmont that building this mine will have a catastrophic effect on the environment, the resources and the people. Tell them to stop building this mine before it is too late!

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