24 abril, 2012


According to the president, these measures should ensure the viability of the project:
  • The government should guaranty that the quantity, the availability and the quality of the water is being controlled. Mechanisms have to be developed to ensure the people of Cajamarca that there will be an adequate supply of water.
  • The mining company Yanacocha has to fulfill the social and environmental requirements formulated in the international expert report , as in the former approved studies.
  • The mining company has to quadruple the storage capacity of the water reservoirs. The three provinces, but above all the four different districts within the immediate sphere of influence (Sorochuco, Huasmín, La Encañada and Bambamarca), have to benefit.
  • A social fund shall be set up . The compromise will be made by the mining company to develop social, productive and irrigation infrastructure, this way benefiting the poorest. He recommends the construction of systems that supply drinking water, permanent irrigation systems, the  strengthening of the irrigators organizations, the construction of schools and healthcare centers, and the implementation of afforestation projects.
  • He demands that Yanacocha, the mining company, guaranties the creation of more than 10.000 direct jobs, especially for the locals.
             (Source of text: La Republica, april 21, 2012)

The announcement of the president leaves little doubt; as far as the government ‘s concerned, the conga mining project is viable. With this declaration, we’re entering a new phase in the conflict. The international expert report had put the conflict on hold, everyone was awaiting the result. Now, the government is trying to initiate a dialogue with the opposition, using this international report as a base to start-up negotiations.  It remains unclear who of the opposition is willing to negotiate with the government, and who has the legitimacy to do so. It is clear that the presentation of the international report and the announcement of president Humala will polarize the conflict even more.


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